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What to Know Before Installing Recessed Lighting

When installed correctly, recessed lighting can enhance the value of your home. This makes sense, as good recessed lighting is unobtrusive, functional, and beautiful. For your lighting to turn out as well as possible, though, you need a skilled team to help with the installation. Here at Alliance Electrical Group, LLC, we specialize in electrical installation, including recessed lighting installation and low-voltage lighting installation. With our team, you’ll get beautiful, professional results every single time.

Retrofitting Recessed Lighting

Most of the time, recessed lighting is installed with new construction. If you’ve already built your home, though, it’s not too late to add recessed lighting. Even if you don’t have unfettered access to your ceiling joists, you can install recessed lighting without damaging your drywall too much – the secret is to work with a skilled team who knows how to install minimally-invasive recessed lighting, which fits through a small hole in the ceiling and mounts to drywall with clips. With our team, you’ll get that and the following benefits:

  • Help Installing Track Lighting. We can install track lighting to take your home’s lights up a notch and provide a truly custom look.
  • Placement Advice. It can be tough to figure out where to place your recessed lights. Our team can help.
  • Bulb Size Consultation. We’ll also help you decide which bulb size will work best for your recessed lights.

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